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Deborah Ben-Shah, D.C. Chelsea / Fulham London Chiropractor

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Deborah Ben-Shah, Chiropractor

Deborah Ben-Shah Registered Chiropractor Chelsea/Fulham London

Deborah Ben-Shah, D.C. is a chiropractor in the Chelsea / Fulham area of London. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 2002. And earned a B.Sc. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah in 1998. She had her own practice in Los Angeles until moving to England in 2014. Dr. Ben-Shah has a strong commitment to her community and the wellness of others. When providing healthcare to members of her community, she brings with her a sense of compassion and a genuine concern for the wellness and wellbeing of others. Her approach to chiropractic care is one where she educates and encourages her patients to take an active role in the improvement and maintenance of their health. 

She treats a range of conditions such as sciatica, back pain, neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, shoulder pain, and many other conditions. 

How many treatments will you need?

This question needs to be answered on an individual basis after a complete history and examination has been performed to get to the root of your problem and what has brought you in for treatment. 

In general, if you have a fairly recent or acute problem,  then it is likely to be sorted in as few as 1-2 treatments along with some self-care advice.  However, if you come in seeking treatment due to something chronic that has been going on for months or years, then you can expect it will take more time to address and correct this problem. On average, people tend to need between 6-12 treatments to see a significant improvement. This comes along with prescribed home exercises, dietary advice, and any recommended lifestyle modifications. All of this will be addressed through the course of care. 

Getting you back to health and managing yourself going forward is the main goal for every patient. No one will ever be told they need more treatments than they need, and no one will ever be told they need less treatments than they actually need. Of course time and money are considerations for everyone, and some may not be able to proceed with the recommended care plan. But you will still be told openly and honestly what is recommended for you.  And please feel comfortable to ask any additional questions you may have. 

General Chiropractic Council registration 03965


Chiropractic adjustment by Deborah Ben-Shah DC in Chelsea London

Caroline Pickthorn:

Dr. Deborah Ben-Shah's cheerful and no nonsense approach to curing my 'frozen shoulder' has been very rewarding and successful. The pain has almost completely gone, and full movement returned. After two months, the improvement was obvious, and after three months we are almost there. I could not be more grateful.

Shaf Nack:  

Amazing person! Amazing session! Amazing advice! I went with my cousin for 2 adjustments (from Groupon) and both times were brilliant! She's a lovely lady that listens and tries to understand a persons lifestyle prior to treatment. By the time we left, we were both feeling a lot more relaxed and enlightened on how to look after ourselves better. Would suggest to anyone and everyone to see her, regardless of how well you believe you are.

Isabella Sparsi:


Deborah is a gift from God! A really kind and hilarious American Gal who genuinely wants to help you. I went to her with really bad lower back and neck pain; she gave me lots of advise, exercises and stretches to do and adjusted me accordingly. I was worried the adjustments were going to help but I have found her very gentle but effective. I now see her regularly and am feeling 1000 times better. Chiropractor for life! Thank you Deborah.

Laurance Guy:

Hi all I’ve been a patient for Deborah for a over a year now really impressed by her she’s very friendly out going always happy to see her clients and my body is better for the treatment she does. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Luke Evans:


Wonderful person. Very helpful. Excellent service and very reassuring if you’re a bit worried. She creates and great atmosphere and is otherwise just a fantastic person. Would highly recommend.

Ghos Tin:


I went to visit Deborah because I had some issues with my back; specifically my lower back. As I train regularly with weights, it was important for me to receive regular care to improve my well-being. She has helped me tremendously and I am now in the best shape I've ever been in. I can't thank her enough and will continue to see her. I seriously recommend Deborah for anyone struggling with back pain or even just looking to take care of their health!!


Lake view taken by Chiropractor Deborah Ben-Shah in Chelsea / Fulham London

It is, and always has been, very important to me to try and offer discounts to patients to make care more affordable. Below are the fees and discounts available: 

First appointment: £80 

includes comprehensive exam, consultation and treatment. 40-45 minutes. 

Follow-up treatments: £50 and are 15-20 minutes long. 


Discounts available: 

10% off 4 treatments:    

£180 (normally £200)


15% off 8 treatments:   

£340 (normally £400)


20% off 12 treatments: 

£480 (normally £600)